What's inside our Subscription Boxes?!

We have been designing and assembling projects for the past three years through our current company, The Wooden Loft!  We are so excited to take our ideas and package them up in a box that we can send straight to you!  The projects you will receive in your "hello DIYer" box will be different than the ones we have offered for our customers through The Wooden Loft- but with the same idea... DIY fun!!

You do not have to be crafty to be able to complete a project!  We will send you a detailed sheet with pictures, text and steps to complete your project.  Hello DIYer will consist of trendy, home decor projects with a touch of a farmhouse style that you will want to display in your home!  Around the holidays and seasons, we may ship you projects that correspond to that time of the year!

All boxes will consist of the materials and supplies you will need to complete your project.  Each month will be a surprise - but to give you an idea, there will be materials such as wood, fabric, hardware, paint, stain, stencils and so much more!  Depending on your project that month, you may need additional items from home.  These items will consist of the following at times:  hammer, phillips screwdriver, hot glue gun (we will send you the glue sticks) and maybe a few other things - but they will be things most homes have!

(ps - the images on our home page include projects that may {or may not} be a future box!)


Why should I subscribe?

Because who doesn't love to DIY?!  right!!  We put a lot of thought, time and prep work into each project that we offer from the little DIYers to us adults!  We want to give you a {fun} experience from the moment you receive your box in the mail, clear through you displaying it in your home.  hello DIYer allows you to eliminate numerous trips to the craft stores looking for "that item" when you are trying to DIY and craft at home.  We send you a box full of the materials you need (and sometimes you may have some extra material which is even better!)  No more wondering ... " how did they make that " - we send you the step-by-step instructions that include pictures, along with the final product image and all of the materials and accessories needed!  Our goal is for you to enjoy this time crafting and to have a smile on your face when you finish!


Who is "hello DIYer by The Wooden Loft" for?

We are so glad you asked!  We have T-W-O different subscription boxes to offer.  First up - us adults!  We will be offering a different box each month with something you can use or display in your home... or gift it away!  We also have boxes for our "little DIYers!" Children always impress us in our workshops.  The amount of creativity they have puts a smile on our face!  Hello DIYer allows children to stimulate their minds on how to assemble their project, how to put it together and picture what it will look like in the end.  We expect them to veer off a bit from our instructions from time to time because they always have a part of them that triggers "I have an idea!"  Let them go with it and create something of their own!  {Suggested age for our little DIYers is ages 8-14}


What happens if the subscription box I want is sold out?

We will be offering a limited amount of subscription kits each month so we can give close attention to the detail and quality of the products included in each box.  Our boxes are monthly subscriptions, so they will be recurring each month.  If a box is sold out, we will add a few more available boxes for the next month which means a few more people can join in on the DIY fun!  Once a box sells out, you will have to wait until the next month to snag one before it sells out!


How often is my card billed and when will my box ship?

Our monthly subscription boxes for both children and adults ship once a month.  We will ship the boxes out on the 1st of every month, unless the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday - in that case we will ship out the next business day.  Your credit card gets charged on the same date each month as the date you signed up for.

As long as you subscribe by the end of the month, you made the cut off for the next months box!  For example, if you place your order anytime in October (even up until the last day), we will ship it out on November 1st.